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July 2014 Blog Archive

Where to find Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast

Korean Food
Posted in Location & Attractions at 30 July, 2014

If you're a foodie with an obsession for, what else but, good food, then you know that Korean restaurants feature a delicious spread of dishes that are just so irresistibly good. Korean cuisine boasts its bold and unique flavours which is also among the m...

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Luxurious seaside escape on the south of Gold Coast

Mg 3399
Posted in Accommodation at 13 July, 2014

After a day of soaking up the sun on a the golden sand and crystal-clear water of the beach, one will usually opt for a rejuvenating body scrub, a refreshing dip of margarita or tequila, a quiet river cruise, or some just want it more laidback and quiet i...

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