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Quick Tips for a Healthy, Summer Body!

Posted in Accommodation @ Dec 23rd 2015 2:05pm - By Administrator
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Catching a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise by the bay doesn’t feel surreal at all when you’re on the South of Gold Coast. Whether you’re holding hands with your partner or scheduling a sunbathing session on your own by the beach, those simple moments are memories you can treasure forever.

But while the sun is your friend, it can also cause terrible sunburns, heat rashes, dehydration, or worse, a heat stroke. So if you’re headed for Currumbin this summer, keep in mind some tips before your head out:

Always pack Sun Protection Formula. Sun protection formula (SPF) can be in the form of creams, lotions, and hair conditioners that are readily available in the market to help protect your skin and hair from the sun’s harsh rays. To save yourself from prickly sun burns, heat rashes, and dry, limp hair, make sure to apply these products 15 to 30 minutes before hitting the outdoors.

Water. Don’t scrimp on H20, especially when you’re out for a long day ahead. Ideally, an eight to ten glasses of water intake is key to a healthy body. You may even need to drink more to avoid dehydration, heat cramps, or a heat stroke.

First Aid. Skin problems, such as allergies, rashes, and uneven sunburns are inevitable, and treating such problems would depend on its degree. Just make sure your first aid travel kit is packed with some anti-histamines, aspirin, cold compress, and other anti-inflammatory creams.

Avoid Overexposure. Bring Protective Gear. We cannot deny that the sun is a good source of Vitamin E, but too much of it can be a bad thing, too. If you find that you can’t stay put for a bit to rest under a shade, wearing protective clothing and gear like: sarongs, sun visors, a pair of sunglasses or stylish wide-brimmed hats, can make all the difference.

It’s important to keep your health in check so you don’t get to miss out on all the fun! May these reminders help you achieve your best summer vacation goals! If you’re planning your trip to Currumbin already, you may want to check out Bay of Palms Resort for affordable luxury Gold Coast Accommodation. Our Elanora Family Resort has a variety of rooms to suit your lifestyle.

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