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Where to find Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Jul 30th 2014 10:30am - By Administrator
Korean Food

If you’re a foodie with an obsession for, what else but, good food, then you know that Korean restaurants feature a delicious spread of dishes that are just so irresistibly good. Korean cuisine boasts its bold and unique flavours which is also among the most delightful Asian tastes. From the mouthwatering Korean barbecue to soy garlic flavoured chicken and spicy rameon, there’s just a lot to discover in Korean restaurants.

Aside from traditional Korean fare, many Korean restaurateurs have also innovated their menu by adding some Western fusion in it. Most of the time, these modern Korean offerings don’t disappoint foodies as the authentic Korean flavours still overpowers the taste. For those on a holiday on the Gold Coast who are in search of great Korean restaurants in the city, here are a few of the most delightful spots for your favourite Korean food.

For a traditional and authentic Korean taste. Paradise Korean BBQ in Broadbeach is where you can enjoy healthily prepared dishes—mostly boiled or blanched, broiled, stir-fried, steamed, or pan-fried—with healthy ingredients as well. Among the restaurant specialties here are Sizzling stone pot bibimbap, stir-fried marinated chicken on hot plate, kimchi stew with beef or pork, soybean paste stew with seafood, and traditional spicy Topokki with fresh seafood.

If you’re in the Southport area, visit Yummy Korean. This restaurant is favoured by foodies for serving true and traditional Korean specialties. Real value for money, the food here is great and all meals come with rice and two side dishes. Don’t leave without trying the delicious Bulgogi or the cold noodle beef broth.

A small and modest restaurant in Southport, Rice House offers a wide array of authentic Korean dishes. Attracting a crowd of food adventurers, the restaurant provides great service and affordable and delectable meals, which guarantee them to have happy diners leaving the restaurant. The Korean style BBQ beef soup and Bibimbap are what most diners here recommend.

Enjoy a food adventure on the Gold Coast and all other attractions around. Our South Gold Coast Accommodation is located near the most exciting dining spots in the city. Next time you’re on the Gold Coast, make Bay of Palms your holiday address.

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