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Keep up to date with Bay of Palms Resort accommodation, specials and local events through the Bay of Palms Resort blog.

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Enjoy the live concert of Nick Cave on the Gold Coast

Nick Cave
Posted in Local Events at 08 October, 2014

As part of his series of nationwide concert tour, the legendary Aussie musical icon, Nick Cave, will be stopping by the Gold Coast for this rare and special musical event. Nick, the iconic front man of the postpunk bands Birthday Party and Nick Cave and t...

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Tour around the Gold Coast with the help of our Tour Desk team

Currumbin Beach
Posted in Accommodation at 23 September, 2014

The holiday fun on the Gold Coast doesn't end on the sand and surf. More than its splendid beaches and surf spots, there are many other ways to make sure that your holiday experience is worthwhile and rewarding. Offering a wide range of activities and adv...

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2015 ITU World Triathlon Series to be held on the Gold Coast

Triathlon Australia
Posted in Local Events at 15 September, 2014

Following its great success at the ITU World Triathlon Series in 2014, ITU has just confirmed the schedule for the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Series. For the first time, the 2015 Series will be held in at least nine cities across five continents, and will f...

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Exciting family holiday home on the Gold Coast

Mg 3487
Posted in Accommodation at 25 August, 2014

Family holidays will always require more fun and entertaining activities for the kids that parents will also enjoy. While the beach is always a fun holiday destination for the family, kids will surely look for something else that will keep them engaged an...

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Celebrate Childs Vision's 8th Birthday and make a difference

Child Vision
Posted in Local Events at 04 August, 2014

With its aim to uplift the life of every child in Australia by helping those 'who are compromised in their development to access their full potential', Childs Vision has, through the last several years, expanded its reach and supported charitable organisa...

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Where to find Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast

Korean Food
Posted in Location & Attractions at 30 July, 2014

If you're a foodie with an obsession for, what else but, good food, then you know that Korean restaurants feature a delicious spread of dishes that are just so irresistibly good. Korean cuisine boasts its bold and unique flavours which is also among the m...

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Luxurious seaside escape on the south of Gold Coast

Mg 3399
Posted in Accommodation at 13 July, 2014

After a day of soaking up the sun on a the golden sand and crystal-clear water of the beach, one will usually opt for a rejuvenating body scrub, a refreshing dip of margarita or tequila, a quiet river cruise, or some just want it more laidback and quiet i...

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A relaxing retreat on the Gold Coast

Mg 3396
Posted in Accommodation at 22 June, 2014

Waking up in the morning to relaxing cool breezes, soothing sound of the waves and breathtaking unobstructed ocean views, and the promise of a pleasant a day on the beach or in a rainforest and capping it off with an awesome dinner or a party at a club, t...

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Immerse yourself in a cultural experience on the Gold Coast

Mg 3470
Posted in Location & Attractions at 05 June, 2014

Looking beyond its touristy features and exploring it more deeply, you'll find the most amazing hidden gems on the beautiful island of Gold Coast. If you go further off the beaten tracks then you can uncover the island's authentic, living culture, represe...

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Bay of Palms Resort: your home by the water

Currumbin Beach
Posted in Accommodation at 28 May, 2014

A haven for surfers and sun-seekers alike for its famed pristine beaches, big rolling waves and long stretch of beautiful white sands along the coast, the magnificent island of Gold Coast serves an ideal spot for holidaymakers who wish to enjoy outdoor ad...

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